September 20, 2021

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Underrated Rap Songs You NEED To Know! (September 2020)

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This video was created by Sam Aarons, the creator and owner of this YouTube channel Aarons. Aarons has made many underrated rap songs videos which include unknown rap songs and rap songs you need to add to your playlist. Aarons’ videos have contained rappers such as Beam, convolk, savage gasp, kevin Kazi, Tommy ice, lil Xtra, lil Capi, Saint JHN, 88GLAM, Aries, and many more. Aarons also help popularized the guess the rap song trend on YouTube with his 2017, 2018, and 2019 guess the rap song videos he used to make. Aarons also has the semiviral video series titled rap songs with the same name – which one is better. The point of this YouTube channel is to showcase underrated rap songs and underrated rappers that I feel deserve more attention.

Intro Song: ryster – enemies
Outro song: bryce hase – trust ‘20

Songs in video:

iivrson – adrenaline
scorey – moods
wiardon – another day
Laney keyz – russia
jay wood – trackstar
daniyel – black walls
OG Stevo – east rogers
trip Carter – HBT
leekonnacomeup – plain
whiterosemoxie – camcorder
SheGo Turbo – Big Body
Bryce Hase – darkest hours
shego turbo – large amounts
surf – dealing with you
Kevin Kazi – zaza
numl6ck – anxious
pardyalone – stuck in a dream
bigbabygucci – Jason vorhees
lecx Stacy – crooked smile
theodor black – sub culture
badmonsham – jumpin in the rain
wubz – cursed
glaive – arsenic
kasien – moneybag Szn ft beam
ken car$on – yale
tamagothic – upset
lance foux – elon musk
$oFaygo – gear 2 (G2)
slumboywit – nd dem
ryster – milli vanilli