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The Best free DAWs for Music Production 2020

Best free digital audio workstations for music production and sound design in 2020. Produce music without spending a fortune on expensive software!
Find out about the best free DAWs for Windows (PC), Mac & Linux!
You can also produce music using your browser or mobile apps.

There are a lot of free music programs out there that sometimes come with and sometimes without limitations. To get a better overview of them, in this video all the advantages and disadvantages of the various free digital audio workstations are explained. The decisive factors here are whether third-party plugins are supported, whether the software is constantly updated and whether the number of tracks and projects is limited.

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Timestamps & Links to the different Digital Audio Workstations:

ProTools 0:57 →
Ohm Studio 1:58 → since 2021 discontinued
Audiotool 3:00 →
BandLab 5:09 →
Studio One 4 Prime 7:00 →
SoundBridge 7:47 →
Ardour 8:19 → (Windows users need to donate to get the installer. You can also compile Ardour yourself (if you know how). The source code can be found here:
(T7) now Waveform FREE 9:07 →
GarageBand 9:42 →
Cakewalk 10:25 →

My favorite free DAWs → 11:18

Here you can find the Loop I made with Audiotool:

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