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Who remembers those POPULAR RAP SONGS VS INDIAN REMIXES videos? When Drip report was making Indian Remixes to all the popular rap songs at the time. Tell me how I found the country version of that! I was on TikTok and I found this guys who does Country Remixes to all the Popular Rap Songs. So I thought it would be a funny video if we take a look at the different Country Remixes to all the current Popular Rap Songs. In this video we will see country remixes to songs like, Roddy Ricch – The Box, Lil Mosey – BlueBerry Faygo, and even Drake – Toosie Slide. You don’t want to miss this!

Popular Rap Songs VS Country Remixes
Popular Rap Songs VS Indian Remixes
Rap Song Country Remix
Rap Country Cover
The Box Country Version
Roddy Ricch Ballin Country Version

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I can’t believe how fire country rap remixes are lol…