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Best Free DAWs – Music Production Software (2021)

In this video, I show you the best free DAWs in 2021. These free audio editing softwares allow you to record, edit and mix music at no cost. Whether you are looking for a free beatmaking app, a way to record a microphone in high quality or simply want to try a new free music production software, these might be a great fit for you.

0:00 – Introduction
0:35 – Audacity
1:00 – Studio One Prime
1:57 – Waveform 11 Free
4:05 – Cakewalk by BandLab
4:28 – GarageBand
5:10 – BandLab
5:55 – SoundBridge
7:07 – Ohm Studio
7:37 – LMMS
8:24 – FL Studio 20 Trial
9:10 – Final Thoughts

Other daws I tested but did not include:

Reaper: Brilliant functionality but it is not free. It is a trial. It costs $225 for a commercial license if you want to make an income from your music or $60 for a regular license.

Why was FL trial on the list? Because thousands of people asked me to talk about it.

Ableton Live Lite – Not free

Pro Tools first – Highly limited tracks and saves

MPC Beats – Limited track count